Paragliding Costa Rica!

Getting Here - Directions to Grampa Ninja's B&B

If you like paragliding you'll love Costa Rica. It's beautiful, it's adventurous, it's warm, it's friendly people, it's pura vida. Costa Rica provides flying for any experience level paraglider. Most sites are P-2 friendly depending on conditions, with plenty of fun and challenges for experienced pilots.

For the 2016 season Grampa Ninja's will be open by appointment only for tour groups and their leaders. Please contact Giulia Grotenhuis, aka Mrs. Grampa Ninja to schedule your stay. 908-283-0721 or via email at

Historically we fly almost every day. Costa Rica is very micro climatic, and we usually know which sities are working on any given day. When the weather is not good at one site we travel to another site.
There are several sites within an hour of Grampa Ninja's including Caldera, San Miguel, Danny Manny and Jaco.

The story behind the name Grampa Ninja

Getting Here

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